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Home of El Morro Area Arts Council

Eden Gloria

The theme for the Third Quarter Artist's Quarter and Gallery Exhibition, "Before Dawn", comes from two conscious considerations. First, my color choices—primarily black and white and grey. It is the palette of predawn, before true light begins to show the color of our world. "Shadow light" holds an attraction for me and I wanted to play with it for this show. Second, if you think about the time just before sunrise, it is a time ripe with hope and potential. The long, dark night is passing and a new day is about to begin. There is power in the promise of a fresh start— another chance. It will be interesting to see how the theme is interpreted by the artists who contribute to this show. As always, I'm looking forward to it.

Jedd McClure

This art show, for me, is a process of learning how to express myself. A process of creation and exploration I have yet to dive into; for myself and no one else.

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The El Morro Area Arts Council is a vibrant, non-profit organization which celebrates diversity, thrives on the sharing of creative ideas through programs, exhibitions, and workshops, and supports a community centered activity hub for traditional & contemporary arts. We are a 501 [c] (3) Non-Profit Organization.

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Before Dawn

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3rd Quarter Art Exhibition - Before Dawn

Featuring in The Artist's Quarter

Eden Gloria - Jedd McClure
July 26th  - October 10th, 2015

El Morro Area Arts Council (or)

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PO Box 296

Ramah, NM 87321

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We are located on Scenic Highway 53, Mile Marker 46, in the Village of El Morro, NM
1 mile east of El Morro National Monument.

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Eden Gloria

Jedd McClure

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Open      Thursday - Monday  11am - 5pm

Closed    Tuesday & Wednesday

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